Sentence Examples

  • The insects feed upon ash, lilac, privet and jasmine leaves.
  • Consisting of slips of living privet, thorn, &c., the "quick," i.e.
  • Smaller hedges may be formed of evergreen privet or of tree-box.
  • We have wild olive, species of rock-rose, wild privet, acacias and mimosas, barberry and Zizyphus; and in the eastern ramifications of the chain, Chamaerops humilis (which is applied to a variety of useful purposes), Bignonia or trumpet flower, sissu, Salvadora persica, verbena, acanthus, varieties of Gesnerae.
  • PRIVET, in botany, the vernacular name of Ligustrum, l a genus of Oleaceae, containing about thirty-five species, natives 1 Other vernacular names for the common species are prim, primprint, primwort and primrose.