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  • Ligustrum - Privet.
  • PRIVET, in botany, the vernacular name of Ligustrum, l a genus of Oleaceae, containing about thirty-five species, natives 1 Other vernacular names for the common species are prim, primprint, primwort and primrose.
  • Americana, Cephalaria tatarica, Cotoneaster pyracantha, Citrus aurantium, Diospyros ebenum, Ficus carica, Illicium anisatum, Ligustrum caucasicum, Punica granatum, Philadelphu.s coronarius, Pyrus salicifolia, Rhus cotinus and six species of Viburnum.
  • In the privet (Ligustrum vulgare) there are numerous racemes of dichasia arranged in a racemose manner along an axis; the whole inflorescence thus has an appearance not unlike a bunch of grapes, and has been called a thyrsus.

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