Prima-facie Definition

prīmə fāshē -shə, -shē-ē
At first sight; on first view, before further examination.
Webster's New World
Based on a first impression.
Webster's New World
Webster's New World
At first sight. Not in need of further support to establish credibility or existence; obvious, unless disproved.
Webster's New World Law
True, authentic, or adequate at first sight; ostensible.
Prima facie evidence.
American Heritage
The definition of prima facie refers to the way something looks on its face, or at first glance.
An example of prima facie is when a wife walks in on her husband with another woman; at first glance, it looks as if he is guilty of something just because of the circumstances.
Prima facie is defined as something that has been proven or assumed to be true unless there is evidence presented to the contrary.
An example of prima face is when a plaintiff in a discrimination case shows that a pre-employment test has a unfair impact on minorities. This can be said to be a prima face case of discrimination unless the employer can then prove that the test is legitimate for work related purposes.

Origin of Prima-facie

  • Middle English manifestly from Latin prīmā faciē prīmā feminine ablative of prīmus first faciē ablative of faciēs shape, face

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Latin

    From Wiktionary

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