Sentence Examples

  • Well, these board shorts look as if someone who did sat in on an SU meeting, took note of the preppy styles they were wearing and decided to re-fashion their clothing preferences in a way that would certainly warrant a demerit.
  • Although there is a certain look-- think preppy sophisticate-- that goes hand-in-hand with the game of golf, there is no limit to the color combinations available, and you also have choices in types of clothing.
  • Whether he's consistently polished, perennially preppy, all-out sporty, favors a rock-inspired aesthetic or something else entirely, chances are he can - and does - express himself perfectly through his attire.
  • The term "emo" is taken from the word "emotional", and teens who subscribe to this look often want to embody an aura of rebellion and turn from the traditional, preppy look their counterparts may prefer.
  • Rather, every look-from the easy-fitting cowboy design to the baggy rap aesthetic, from the skinny jeans of emo and punk culture to the casual preppy style-can be replicated with designer blue jeans.