Sentence Examples

  • Multivitamins: Once you're pregnant, your obstetrician will probably prescribe a prenatal vitamin for you to take, but even before conception you can take a daily multivitamin to ensure you're taking in enough needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Many of the marchers in the March for Babies likely did not give a second thought about preemies or the many health hindrances that can come with premature delivery or poor prenatal care - until it happened to them or someone they knew.
  • Parental concerns are reflected in the status of a reproductive couple to prevent the transmission of the virus before pregnancy and if this is not possible, to obtain adequate prenatal care to prevent the transmission to the baby.
  • Premature infants and low birth weight babies in general are known to be at increased risk of developing SIDS, as are infants born to teenage mothers, poor mothers, and mothers who for any reason have had inadequate prenatal care.
  • Parents who already have a child with hyper-IgM syndrome or who come from families with a history of primary immunodeficiency disorders may wish to consider genetic counseling and prenatal genetic testing with future pregnancies.