Sentence Examples

  • Many do have a type of perinatal support group for those who lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.If you don't feel comfortable sharing with others in person about your loss, you can always turn to the Internet.
  • Listeria-An uncommon food-borne, life-threatening pathogen that can cause perinatal infection, which is associated with a high rate of fetal loss (including full-term stillbirths) and serious neonatal disease.
  • A perinatal hospice is like its adult counterpart in that it seeks to give every dying individual a comfortable and dignified death without deliberately prolonging or shortening the his or her natural life.
  • In addition, the International Perinatal HIV Group reported in 1999 that elective cesarean section delivery could help reduce vertical transmission of HIV, although it is not without risk to certain women.
  • On the other hand, the perinatal mortality rate (the number of late fetal deaths [28 weeks or more gestation] and early neonatal deaths [less than 7 days] per 1,000 live births) remain unchanged.