Sentence Examples

  • Results indicated that massaged infants had fewer postnatal complications and exhibited fewer stress behaviors during the 10-day period, had a 28 percent greater daily weight gain, and demonstrated more mature motor behaviors.
  • Grouping causes into those that occur during pregnancy (prenatal), those that happen around the time of birth (perinatal), and those that occur after birth (postnatal), is preferable.
  • Jaundice usually becomes apparent when total bilirubin levels exceed 5 mg/dL; however, the clinical significance of bilirubin levels depends on postnatal age in hours.
  • Pilates for You by Sarah Picot offers prenatal and postnatal Pilates programs with mat exercises that have been modified for each trimester of your pregnancy.
  • They should be fully present at birth and are gradually inhibited by higher centers in the brain during the first three to 12 months of postnatal life.