Sentence Examples

  • There are 5 nomoi or prefectures (formerly sanjaks) each under a prefect (voyapxos), and 23 eparchies (formerly kazas) each under a sub-prefect (g irapxos).
  • For administrative purposes the country was divided into 6 districts or prefectures (kreise), which were subdivided into 49 subprefectures (bezirke).
  • Such were various procuratorships; 'the prefectures of the corn supply, of the fleet, of the watch, of the praetorian guards; the governorships of recently acquired provinces (Egypt, Noricum), the others being reserved for senators.
  • Roads connecting different prefectures, or leading from military stations to their outposts.
  • Roads connecting the head offices of cities and prefectures with their branch offices.