Sentence Examples

  • The public praise used to be led by an individual called the "precentor," who occupied a box in front of, and a little lower than, the pulpit.
  • The chief authority is the Vita Lanfranci by Milo Crispin, who was precentor at Bec and died in 1149.
  • Map's career was an active and varied one; he was clerk of the royal household and justice itinerant; in 1179 he was present at the Lateran council at Rome, on his way thither being enter tained by the count of Champagne; at this time he apparentm held a plurality of ecclesiastical benefices, being a prebend of St Paul's, canon and precentor of Lincoln and parson of Westbury, Gloucestershire.
  • In the English Church in cathedrals of the "Old Foundation" the precentor is a member of the cathedral chapter and officially ranks next to the dean.
  • In cathedrals of the "New Foundation" the "precentor" is not a member of the chapter, but is one of the minor canons.