Sentence Examples

  • II.-East Turkestan East or Chinese Turkestan, sometimes called Kashgaria, is a region in the heart of Asia, lying between the Tian-shan ranges on the north and the Kuen-lun ranges on the south, and stretching east from the Pamirs to the desert of Gobi and the Chinese province of Kan-su (98° E.).
  • A telegraph line was constructed between Lanchow in the Chinese province of Kan-su and Turfan in 1893.
  • The provincial capital is Nan-ch'ang Fu, on the Kan Kiang, about 35 m.
  • The largest river is the Kan Kiang, which rises in the mountains in the south of the province and flows north-east to the Po-yang Lake.
  • LAN - CHOW-FU, the chief town of the Chinese province of Kan-suh, and one of the most important cities of the interior part of the empire, on the right bank of the Hwang-ho.