Sentence Examples

  • Authentic French country furniture can be found in antique stores and at auctions and estate sales. eBay and similar internet auction sites can also be great sources for authentic and replication pre-owned French country furniture.
  • When you come across a pre-owned Airstream trailer that you are interested in purchasing, regardless of the age of the unit, you'll want to check the floor to make sure that there are no signs of rot as a result of leaking water.
  • Used: If you're interested in owning a Prevost coach, you may want to investigate the company's certified pre-owned program, though you should be aware that used Prevosts commonly sell for well over $500,000.
  • The Vehicle Increased Protection Plan: This plan allows dealerships to offer their customers with a wide range of mechanical breakdown protection coverage intended for new or pre-owned cars with low mileage.
  • The amount of money you can save when purchasing a pre-owned Airstream rather than purchasing a new model can make the time you spend searching for a pre-owned travel trailer well worth it.