Sentence Examples

  • The prefect of the praetorium was determined to satisfy the soldiers, regardless altogether of the feelings of the provincials.
  • We know only that to his persistent attempts thereafter to get his proposed verdict accepted by the people, came their fatal answer, " Thou art not Caesar's friend," and that at last he unwillingly ascended the bema (in this case a portable judgmentseat, brought for the day outside the Praetorium), and in such words as Ibis ad crucem" delivered Him to be crucified."
  • Accordingly, the general's quarters in a camp came to be called praetorium, 6 and one of the gates porta praetoria, and the general's bodyguard cohors praetoria, or, if large enough to include several cohorts, cohortes praetoriae.
  • Moreover, its prefects, since they were two and liable to be disunited, and since they could not be senators, neither combined with the In permanent forts and fortresses, praetorium probably denoted strictly a residence: the official headquarters building (though commonly styled praetorium by moderns) was the principia.
  • On the other hand praetorium could denote any lord's residence, even on a civilian's estate.