Sentence Examples

  • Three segments and the procephalic or prae-oral lobes.
  • His chief publications are: Cretan Pictographs and Prae-Phoenician Script (1896); Further Discoveries of Cretan and Aegean Script (1898); The Mycenaean Tree and Pillar Cult (1901); Scripta Minoa (1909 et seq.); and reports on the excavations at Knossos.
  • 17), is the mouth or oral piece; the second, explained by the presence of a " latent endoderm-group " in those the antennal segment; the third, the intercalary or prae-mandibular invaginations.
  • But although in such lower Crustacea the nerve-ganglia of the third prosthomere have not fused with the anterior nerve-mass, there is no question as to the prae-oral position of two appendage-bearing somites in addition to the ocular prosthomere.
  • They differ from the Crustacea in that they have only a single pair of prae-oral appendages, the second pair being definitely developed as mandibles.