Sentence Examples

  • Its surrender in 1625, after a ten months' siege, to the Spaniards under Spinola is the subject of the famous picture by Velasquez in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.
  • There is a pretty chapel called the " Rotunda," erected in 1852 at the lower end of the prado by President Belzu, on the spot where an attempt had been made to assassinate him.
  • On the 2nd of August 1876 General Mariano-Ignacio Prado was elected.
  • The former, the old city, lying close to the harbour front, has streets as narrow as is consistent with wheel traffic. Obispo (Pi y Margall in the new republican nomenclature), O'Reilly and San Rafael are the finest retail business streets, and the Prado and the Cerro the handsomest residential streets in the city proper.
  • And the Parque de la India (these two names are now practically abandoned) to the Parque de Colon or Campo de Marte, is the Prado, 1 a wide and handsome promenade and drive, shaded with laurels and lined with fine houses and clubs.