Sentence Examples

  • C. Hovey as a prehistoric quarry, proved to be such by the stag horns and boulder pounders found in its vicinity.
  • High, surmounted by statuesque stalagmites, near which is another quarry of satinspar with similar fragments, pounders and aboriginal relics.
  • When Mr Hovey visited this cave in 1855 he found many extinct torches, charcoal embers, poles and pounders, as well as numerous footprints, in the soft nitreous earth of certain avenues, which were left by exploring parties previous to the coming of the white man.
  • At the siege of Cartagena, in March 1741, at the head of a party of seamen, he took a battery of fifteen 24-pounders, while exposed to the fire of another fort.
  • Their artillery was numerous and for the most part of heavy calibre - 18and 24-pounders were common - but the strength of the army lay in its infantry, with its incomparable tenacity in defence and its blind confidence in the bayonet in attack.