Sentence Examples

  • Take any horizontal line and divide it into small elements of length each representing dq, and draw vertical lines representing the potentials v, v', &c., and after each dose.
  • If the quadrants of an electrometer are con - nected to the ends of a non-inductive circuit in series with the power-absorbing circuit, and if the needle is connected to the end of this last circuit opposite to that at which the inductionless re - sistance is connected, then the deflexion of the electrometer will be proportional to the power taken up in the circuit, since it is pro - portional to the mean value of (A - B) IC - 1 (A ±B)}, where A and B are the potentials of the quadrants and C is that of the needle.
  • In any case, therefore, in which we can sum up the elementary potentials at any point we can calculate the resultant electric force at the same point.
  • Let V 1 and V2 be the potentials of the plates, and let a charge Q be given to one of them.
  • It depends on the principle that if two condensers of capacity C I and C2 are respectively charged to potentials V I and V2, and then joined in parallel with terminals of opposite charge together, the resulting potential difference of the two condensers will be V, such that V = (C,V 2 -CiV2) /(C1+C2) (16); and hence if V is zero we have C I: C2 = V2 The method is carried out by charging the two condensers to be compared at the two sections of a high resistance joining the ends of a battery which is divided into two parts by a movable contact.'