Sentence Examples

  • A notebook's portability makes it an attractive alternative to desktops: You can work where and when you need to.
  • Three modes of operation and storage, optimum portability, and image storage are critical requirements for the professional photographer.
  • The big company Nintendo keeps thinking smaller and smaller with it's dominant handheld system by introducing the Game Boy Micro, a tiny version of their SP that plays all of their Advance games while offering extreme portability.
  • Hence, to obtain great sensibility along with a considerable range, we require very long slender stems, and to these two objections apply in addition to the question of portability; for, in the first place, an instrument with a very long stem requires a very deep vessel of liquid for its complete immersion, and, in the second place, when most of the stem is above xIv.
  • Mascart, Traite de magnetisme terrestre, containing a description of the instruments used in the French magnetic survey, which are interesting on account of their small size and consequent easy portability; H.