Sentence Examples

  • She may choose to be a sexy superhero, such as Wonder Woman or Batgirl, or sport a bubbly 1950s poodle skirt with ponytails abound for a boppy bobby-soxer reinactment.
  • For example, the Parisian Chic collection includes a jean skirt with a poodle and the Eiffel Tower, long sleeve tee with poodles, jeans with poodles on the bottom of each leg and a pink ruffled skirt.
  • Many Goldendoodles have wavy fur that is a cross between the Poodle and Golden Retriever fur, but some dogs inherit dense, curly Poodle fur or the Golden Retriever's straighter, water-repellent coat.
  • You're probably familiar with the felt fabric that is used for banners, kids' costumes, old-fashioned poodle skirts, and many other items that require non-woven fabric with edges that don't ravel.
  • Poodle Hat features "Couch Potato", Weird Al's take on Eminem's hit "Lose Yourself" and "Angry White Boy Polka", a medley of hard rock songs reimagined as polka tunes.