Sentence Examples

  • (2) The Britannia and Conway bridges were built on staging on shore, lifted by pontoons, floated out to their position between the piers, and lastly lifted into place by hydraulic presses.
  • Until modern times the city was built largely on floating pontoons or on piles at the edges of the innumerable canals and water-courses which formed the thoroughfares, but to meet the requirements of modern life, well-planned roads and streets have been constructed in all directions, crossing the old canals at many points and lined with well-built houses, for the most part of brick, in which the greater part of the erstwhile riparian population now resides.
  • In length, each supported by two pontoons placed 64 ft.
  • A battle was fought on the Canal banks, and some Turkish detachments succeeded in launching pontoons on the Canal itself.
  • " Floating " bridges are roadways carried on pontoons moored in a stream.