Sentence Examples

  • But in North Holland and Utrecht on the contrary the polder water has generally to be raised.
  • It sometimes happens that a polder is not in direct contact with the boezem to which it belongs, but first drains into an adjacent polder, from which the water is afterwards removed.
  • Boezems, like polders, have a standard water-level which may not be exceeded, and as in the polder this level may vary in the different parts of an extended boezem.
  • The roads are divided into national or royal roads, placed directly under the control of the waterstaat and sup- 'ported by the state; provincial roads, under the direct control of the states of the provinces, and almost all supported by the provincial treasuries; communal and polder roads, maintained by the communal authorities and the polder boards; and finally, private roads.
  • In the Frederiks Park is a pump-room supplied with a powerful chalybeate water from a spring, the Wilhelminabron, in the Haarlemmer Polder not far distant, and in connexion with this there is an orthopaedic institution adjoining.