Sentence Examples

  • As well as allowing accurate directions, many navigation systems also include points of interest (POI) which include fuel stations, cash points and parking.
  • Serve popular island foods like poi, roasted pig and fresh Maui fruits.
  • The localization of function in the cerebral and in the cerebellar cortex has doubtless been the main cause of this progress, and has proceeded poi passu with an extended insight into the structure and connexions of the parts concerned.
  • Development of theory has advanced poi passe with the demand for bridges of greater strength and span and of more complex design, and there is now little uncertainty in calculating the stresses in any of the types of structure now adopted.
  • 7rEpi 7roorraw: On poets (perhaps cited in Poetics, 15, 1 454 b Tols Ek6e50/2 Poi.S X670L3).