Sentence Examples

  • Serve popular island foods like poi, roasted pig and fresh Maui fruits.
  • As well as allowing accurate directions, many navigation systems also include points of interest (POI) which include fuel stations, cash points and parking.
  • One of the table delicacies of former days was a particular breed of dog which was fed exclusively on poi before it was killed, cooked and served.
  • A parliament held by Baliol at Edinburgh (February 1 334) ratified the promises made by him to England at Roxburgh: the disinherited lords were in poi/ e'er and many patriots turned their coats.
  • Though it appears that Athens made individual agreements with various states, and therefore that we cannot regard as general rules the terms laid down in those which we possess, it is undeniable that the Athenians planted garrisons under permanent Athenian officers (¢poi papxoc) in some cities.