Sentence Examples

  • In addition to makeup looks to try on, this site is also unique in that offers virtual anti-aging treatments; readers can test the look of plumper lips or raised brows to get an idea if the treatment is rigth for them.
  • Proven to increase lip size up to 20% within the first five minutes, the brush wand is easy to apply in a pinch and is a splurge-worthy product for those seeking a shine plumper.
  • Chemical irritants: Alpha-hydroxy acids and other ingredients in the plumper lip glosses increase collagen production in the lips, giving you bigger lips over time.
  • Additionally, the camera can make a woman look plumper, so all those firm round bottoms you see on the wild string bikini models would look very thin in real life.
  • Skirt length will be discussed - a skirt that falls on the fleshiest part of the calves will make your legs look shorter and plumper, even with very high heels.