Sentence Examples

  • The composition of the plexus varies much, not only in different species, but even individually.
  • Nephridia always paired and without plexus of blood capillaries.
  • In the polyp the nervous tissue is always in the form of a scattered plexus, never concentrated to form a definite nervous system as in the medusa.
  • The nervous system of the medusa consists of sub-epithelial ganglion-cells, which form, in the first place, a diffuse plexus of nervous tissue, as in the polyp, but developed chiefly on the subumbral surface; and which are concentrated, in the second place, to form a definite central nervous system, never found in the polyp. In Hydromedusae the central nervous system forms two concentric nerverings at the margin of the umbrella, near the base of the velum.
  • The Crural Plexus is divided into a crural, ischiadic and pubic portion.