Sentence Examples

  • Among other well-known plazas are: Loreto, on which faces the great enclosed market of the city; Guardiola, in the midst of handsome private residences; San Fernando, with its statue of Vicente Guerrero; and Morelos, with its marble statue of the national hero of that name.
  • The upper storey often recedes, leaving wide corridors under the overhanging eaves, and in the " plazas " there are frequently covered arcades.
  • The city is well built, with straight and well-paved streets, numerous plazas, public gardens and shady promenades.
  • In the Cathedral Square (Plaza de Armas), embracing two citysquares, and shaded - like all the plazas of the island - with laurels and royal palms, are a statue of Isabel the Catholic, and two marble lions given by Queen Isabel II.; elsewhere there are statues of General Clouet and Marshal Serrano, once captaingeneral.
  • The most notable of the plazas are Military, Main and Alamo.