Sentence Examples

  • Dr. Shawn Messonnier D.V.M., who practices in Plano, Texas, introduced me for the first time to this new type of veterinary medicine that is a combination of traditional vet medicine and holistic vet medicine combined in the same practice.
  • Your choices won't be as vast as those who prefer plano (non-prescription) lenses, but it will allow you to wear just those rather than trying to find sunglasses or goggles that fit over your normal prescription eyewear.
  • The female is apterous, and has a dark-brown plano-convex body; it is found in the proportion of 150 to 200 to one of the male insect.
  • The eyepiece ab consists of two plano-convex lenses a, b, of nearly the same focal length, and with the two convex sides facing each other.
  • Joannes de Plano Carpini, a Franciscan monk, was the head of one of the missions despatched by Pope Innocent to call the chief and people of the Tatars to a better mind.