Sentence Examples

  • 1897), made a silver cake-box in the form of a sixteen-petalled chrysanthemum.
  • Auratum, with its large white flowers, having a yellow band and numerous red or purple spots, is a magnificent plant when grown to perfection; and so are the varieties called rubro-vittatum and cruentum, which have the central band crimson instead of yellow; and the broad-petalled platyphyllum, and its almost pure white sub-variety called virginale.
  • These latter bore (obverse) a Nepalese emblem surrounded by eight fleurons containing the eight sacred Buddhist jewels, and (reverse) an eight-petalled flower surrounded by eight fleurons containing the names of the eight jewels in Tibetan characters.
  • These three orders are closely allied and form the series Sarraceniales of the free-petalled section (Choripetalae) of Dicotyledons.

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