Sentence Examples

  • The silver coinage consists of the sol (100 cents), half sol (50 cents), and pieces of 20 (peseta), so and 5 cents; and the copper coinage of 1 and 2 cents.
  • PESETA, a silver coin and unit of value, the Spanish equivalent of the French, Belgian and Swiss franc, the Italian lira and the Greek drachma in the Latin monetary union.
  • Pensum, weight), of which peseta is a diminutive, was a Spanish coin of gold, peso de oro, or silver, peso de plata, once current in Spain and her colonies, and now the name of a silver coin of many South American states.
  • Peseta = 20 „ Real = 10 „ Nickel :-5 cents.
  • In the case of the currency the old Spanish name of peseta was retained for the unit (the franc, 91/2d.).

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