Sentence Examples

  • Gregory replied that, if they would join the new religion, not only should the sacrifices continue, but they should have larger perquisites then ever.
  • Even judges were expected to live on their perquisites, in the shape of bribes.
  • The royal bailiffs were to answer at the exchequer for rents of assize and all the perquisites which they made in their offices, and apparently the duty of enforcing this provision was entrusted to the justices.
  • The kidney fat of all sheep and the skins of all goats slaughtered in the public yard are perquisites of government, the former being used for the manufacture of soap, which, with snuff, is a government monopoly.
  • Perquisites, offices, frced loans were multiplied to such a point that a critic of the times, Guy Patin, facetiously declared that duties were to be exacted from the beggars basking in the sun.