Sentence Examples

  • A single breasted, notched collar style available in blue lagoon, white, deep navy, black or periwinkle is perfect for business wear, while a sassy wool blazer in herringbone blue surf will accentuate a casual outfit.
  • Styles like Under Armour's Tide Board Shorts combine the best of both worlds as it blends a brilliant color -- a periwinkle blue -- with a smartly styled, grey and white geometric pattern, for a truly modern look.
  • There are many shades of blue, however what makes periwinkle special is the fact that it blends so well with other colors, making it an extremely versatile color choice.
  • Periwinkle, with it's slight violet undertones, brings a little warmth, and when combined with a few more vibrant accents can make a stunning bedroom décor theme.
  • Summer is a bit more difficult to categorize, but you can fit within this category if you look particularly attractive in shades of rose, periwinkle, and sage.