Sentence Examples

  • Nitrous oxide, N 2 0, nitric oxide, NO, nitrogen trioxide, N203, nitrogen peroxide, N02, and nitrogen pentoxide, N205, whilst three oxyacids of nitrogen are known: hyponitrous acid, H2N202, nitrous acid, HN02, and nitric acid, HNO 3 (q.v.).
  • Nitrogen pentoxide, N 2 O 5, was first obtained in 1849 by H.
  • Three oxides of columbium are certainly known, namely the dioxide, Cb202, the tetroxide, Cb 2 0 4, and the pentoxide, Cb 2 0 5, whilst a fourth oxide, columbium trioxide, Cb203, has been described by E.
  • It burns readily in air, and is converted into the pentoxide when fused with acid potassium sulphate.
  • Tetroxide, Cb204, is obtained as a black powder when the pentoxide is heated to a high temperature in a current of hydrogen.