Sentence Examples

  • It was called Bolbitine by the Greeks, but according to Herodotus the Bolbitine mouth was artificial, and it was evidently of little importance compared with the Canopic, Sebennytic and Pelusiac mouths.
  • It receives the Waters of the canalized channels which were once the Tanitic, Mendesian and Pelusiac branches.
  • That part of the lake east of where the canal was excavated is now marshy plain and the Tanitic and Pelusiac mouths of the Nile are dry.
  • Farther east are other canals, of which the most remarkable occupy in part the beds of the Tanitic and Pelusiac branches.
  • Psammetichus guarded the frontiers of Egypt with three strong garrisons, placing the lonian and Carian mercenaries especially at the Pelusiac Daphnae in the N.E., from which q~1arter the most formidable enemy was likely to appear.