Sentence Examples

  • Clifford is another PBS Kids program that has a group of experts who work on the content of each episode to ensure that everything is appropriate for preschool children and that nothing on the show is deemed as offensive or controversial.
  • The Public Broadcasting System is funded by federal grants that help to ensure that the children of America (and the world) are being exposed only to good and positive role models within the television programs they watch on PBS Kids.
  • Today, one of the most popular children's television shows appearing on PBS features Thomas and his friends as well, as the beloved little engine and many of his friends encounter one adventure after another on the Island of Sodor.
  • PBS Kids has strategically associated the computer games they offer on their website with the programming they air on television so that children feel like they are familiar with the characters they are seeing on a regular basis.
  • PBS Kids: PBS Kids features letter games and activities that present the alphabet in a way that allows kids to interact with popular characters like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Barney, Martha Speaks, Between Lions or Elmo.