Sentence Examples

  • He compiled the history and did an analysis of the writings of all the ecclesiastical writers of the first thirteen centuries.
  • The abbe Migne carried his Latin patrology down to the time of Innocent III.
  • 1216), and his Greek patrology to the fall of Constantinople (1453); but, while this large extension of the field is much to the advantage of his readers, it undoubtedly stretches the meaning of patrologia far beyond its natural limits.
  • And in the case of a writer like Tertullian who left the Church in middle life, are we to admit certain of his works into our patrology and refuse a place to others ?
  • It is clear that in the circumstances the terms "father," "patristic," "patrology" must be used with much elasticity, since it is now too late to substitute for them any more comprehensive terms.

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