Sentence Examples

  • - The earliest writer on patristics was Jerome, whose book De viris illustribus gives a brief account of one hundred and thirty-five Church writers, beginning with St Peter and ending with himself.
  • KARL JOSEF VON HEFELE (1809-1893), German theologian, was born at Unterkochen in Wurttemberg on the 15th of March 1809, and was educated at Tubingen, where in 1839 he became professor-ordinary of Church history and patristics in the Roman Catholic faculty of theology.
  • But when Luc d'Achery turned from exegetics to patristics and the lives of the saints, as a sort of Christian humanist, he led the way to that vast work of collection and comparison of texts which developed through Mabillon, Montfaucon, Ruinart, Martene, Bouquet and their associates, into the indispensable implements of modern historians.
  • In 1493 he went to Paris and thence to Italy, studying canon and civil law, patristics and the rudiments of Greek.