Sentence Examples

  • Sir Henry Parkes was elected president, and he moved a series of resolutions embodying the principles necessary to establish, on an enduring foundation, the structure of a federal government.
  • During his rule, which lasted till 1879, the Fiji Islands were annexed; telegraphic communication with England and mail communication with the United States were established; and the long series of political struggles, which prevented any administration from remaining in office long enough to develop its policy, was brought to an end by a coalition between Sir Henry Parkes and Sir John Robertson.
  • The Parkes Museum of the Sanitary Institute is in Margaret Street.
  • Of mechanically rabbling furnaces we may mention the O'Harra modified by Allen-Brown, the Hixon, the KellerGaylord-Cole, the Ropp, the Spence, the Wethey, the Parkes, Pearce's " Turret " and Brown's " Horseshoe " furnaces.
  • In 1897, after the death of Sir Henry Parkes, he became senior representative for N.S.W.