Sentence Examples

  • Although the field of parapsychology holds very few firm truths at this time, the information here will represent as current a body of knowledge as field investigators are able to provide.
  • All of the following famous American psychics became well known after psychic abilities became an American obsession, resulting in the establishment of parapsychology in the early 1900s.
  • As part of his work at Duke, Rhine and his wife Louisa created a scientific structure around the emerging field of parapsychology and attempted to quantify psi or psychic abilities.
  • Learn the history of the real investigators in psychical research and parapsychology, how they've done what they've done, what they've found and what they think the phenomena is.
  • It's extremely important to read material from investigators and field researchers who have either a background or working knowledge of the field of parapsychology.