Sentence Examples

  • Here he supported the Consensus-Union, and afterwards defended himself in the pamphlets Die erste Generalsynode der evang.
  • A Republican convention in his district demanded his resignation, and re-election seemed impossible; but he defended himself in two pamphlets, "Increase of Salaries" and "Review of the Transactions of the Credit Mobilier Company," made a village-to-village canvass, and was victorious.
  • A year of fruitless negotiation followed, during which the pamphlets of the reformer set all Germany' on fire.
  • He served in the New York legislature (1759-1760), but his political influence was long exerted chiefly through pamphlets and newspaper articles.
  • The approaching convocation of the statesgeneral made his friends very active on his behalf; he circulated in every bailliage the pamphlets which F.