Sentence Examples

  • Benz-oxazoles and -thiazoles have been prepared, benz-isoxazoles are known as indoxazenes; benzo-pyrazoles occur in two structural forms, named indazoles and isindazoles.
  • Oxazoles are produced on condensing phenacyl bromide with acid-amides (M.
  • OXAZOLES, a group of organic compounds containing a ring complex (shown below) composed of three carbon atoms, and one oxygen and one nitrogen atom; they are isomeric with the isoxazoles.
  • The dihydro-oxazoles or oxazolines are similarly formed when 13-halogen alkyl amides are condensed with alkali (S.
  • Tetrahydro-oxazoles or oxazolidines result from the action of aldehydes on amino-alcohols (L.