Overset Definition

oversets, oversetting
To overturn; tip over.
Webster's New World
To overcome or upset.
Webster's New World
To set (type or copy) in excess of what is needed.
American Heritage
To overturn or overthrow.
Webster's New World
To set too great an amount of (type or copy), or too much type for (a given space)
Webster's New World
An overturning.
Webster's New World
Type matter set and not used.
Webster's New World

Origin of Overset

  • From Middle English oversetten (“to set over, upset"), from Old English ofersettan (“to set over, conquer, overcome"), corresponding to over- +"Ž set, from Proto-Germanic *uber (“over") + *satjanÄ… (“to set"). Compare Dutch overzetten (“to ferry, transport, translate"), German übersetzen (“to cross over, translate").

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