Sentence Examples

  • All these difficulties have to be rectified by the printer either overlaying or cutting away pieces in this first trial sheet.
  • In the mud was a deer track, and overlaying it, the paw print of a big cat — too big to be a bobcat.
  • Though, thanks to the overlaying porous pumice, the Taupo plateau is not fertile, it has a good rainfall and is drained by unfailing rivers running through deep terraced ravines.
  • To keep the strands from directly overlaying each other and so adhering, the last guide through which the silk passes has a reciprocating motion whereby the fibre is distributed within certain limits over the reel.
  • If the " set " of the cylinder is about correct, and the impression sheet has been taken with neither too many nor too few sheets on the cylinder, it will be a matter rather of overlaying, or " patching up," than of cutting away from this trial sheet.