Sentence Examples

  • As each player turns on overdrive, you can get 4x, 6x, and the max, 8x, when everyone is in overdrive mode.
  • Breathing increases to improve oxygen consumption, and the cardiovascular system goes into overdrive to ensure our muscles have access to the nutrients and blood necessary to escape danger.
  • Sunglasses: the fifteen styles include BSG, Crossover, Digit, EC-DC, Gain, Generator, Hi-Fi, Livewire, Maxwell, Ohm, Overdrive, Technician, Treble, Vol., and Wolfpak.
  • Peppers such as cayenne, habanero and jalapeno kick your metabolism into overdrive from 30 minutes to as long as three hours after you eat them.
  • If a drummer is missing a lot of hits and is holding back the other team, someone with some overdrive energy can help bring that drummer back.