Sentence Examples

  • The prayers (twenty-six in all) are mostly mystical outpourings repeating the aspirations found in her other writings.
  • This theory has been propounded in many forms, but the central idea is that the universe of individuals consists of the involuntary "outpourings" of the ultimate divine essence.
  • North and east of the Fossa Magna the structure is concealed, to a very large extent, by the outpourings of the volcanoes which form so marked a feature in the northern part of Hondo.
  • The lava plains of the Columbia basin are among the most extensive volcanic outpourings in the world.
  • Subsequently, in the Tertiary period, there were two enormous outpourings of volcanic material - first andesitic lava, and later, after a long interval of quiet, rhyolitic - which nearly half filled the basin, converted it into a plateau and broke up the mountain rim.