Sentence Examples

  • While you don't need every piece of outerwear available, try to stock your closet with a few basics, such as a lightweight windbreaker, long or short raincoat, long trench coat and a stylish jacket to accessorize a spring dress.
  • In addition to the ever-popular t-shirts, the Zoo York men's collection also includes knitwear, polo shirts, sweaters, track jackets, outerwear, denim, pants, shorts, board shorts, hats, beanies, bags and other accessories.
  • Wearing vinyl corsets as outerwear, however, is usually best left for after dark, no matter where you live or where you're going (unless you're going to a biker bar in a city for a fabulous hamburger and beer lunch).
  • Still, that hasn't stopped the company from featuring modified versions of the First Daughters' coats on its website along with a toll free number (1-800-591-3745) you can call to pre-order the stylish outerwear.
  • From the figure-flattering, slightly a-line cut cinched at the waist with a tie belt to the numerous color palettes and designs that have decorated them, trench coats prove themselves as all-occasion outerwear.