Sentence Examples

  • He was found by Pharaoh's daughter, and his (step-)sister Miriam contrived that he should be nursed by his mother; on growing up he killed an Egyptian who was oppressing an Israelite, and this becoming, known, he sought refuge in flight.
  • Opposition to the measures of the British government for taxing and oppressing the colonies began in Boston.
  • The absence of all mention of one great oppressing world-power seems most natural before the westward march of Assyria involved Israel in the general politics of Asia.
  • But the Jews are no longer the obedient slaves of the oppressing power; there has been a national rising and armies have gone forth to battle.
  • 141), and of a letter to George king of Nubia from the king of Abyssinia some time between 978 and 1003, when a Jewish queen Judith was oppressing the Christian population (I.