Sentence Examples

  • Finding costumes that look great onstage and are easy to wear is quite simple due to the large variety of costume makers on the market; however, finding costumes that stand out from the other teams' costumes can be a challenge.
  • The illusion is deceptive; the stage is full of female dancers, but they are so well-rehearsed that their perfectly even kicks and steps all perfectly match the steps and kicks of all the other dancers onstage.
  • Whether it was Madonna dancing onstage or Cyndi Lauper dancing down the street in a music video, poufy skirts, featuring plenty of lace underneath to increase volume, were all the rage.
  • Not only were his onstage ballets met with wild acclaim, but he also frequently danced in television specials, and starred in movies, such as the dance classic The Turning Point.
  • When you walk onstage at your sports or academics banquet to receive your letter or letterman jacket, it is sure to be a proud moment for both you and your parents or guardians.