Sentence Examples

  • C02c2h -+C 6 H]] 5 ONa = HOC 6 H 4 CO 3 Na+CsHs C2H5.
  • It flows generally east by south through a tortuous valley as far as Miranda de Ebro, passing through the celebrated Roman bridge known as La Horadada ("the perforated"), near Ona in Burgos.
  • Naphthol yellow S., C10H4(ONa) (NO 2) 2 S0 3 Na, prepared by the action of nitric acid on a-naphthol - 2.4.
  • Tooun- problems (tooun, rising, seems to be the difference between the shares of two sets of persons dividing an amount between them ona lower and a higher scale).
  • A copy of it, in the poet's own Northumbrian dialect, and in a handwriting of the 8th century, appears ona blank page of the Moore MS. of Beeda's History; and five other Latin MSS.