Sentence Examples

  • In the offline world, many writers still prefer to turn to a career in freelance journalism, writing for a variety of media outlets or other offline opportunities including technical writing or other local freelance writing jobs.
  • Sure, you could take advantage of the free online game, or even the complimentary download for playing offline, but if you're in the mood for the full meal deal, it will cost you a hefty $19.95 to buy the full version of Super Text Twist.
  • In the past, success relied heavily on whether an entrepreneur could move an offline experience online better than someone else.
  • That brings us back to the need to share data—and to our online example with Amazon, and our offline example with our salesperson.
  • This has no offline corollary and is economically empowering to so many people. 5. eBay and reallocating existing goods. eBay is actually a little like direct trade.