Sentence Examples

  • Your counter can be measured and a form built off-site where the counter will be poured and built in a controlled environment, or the counter can be created right in your kitchen on top of the cabinets.
  • For employers, hiring telecommuters to perform tasks that can be performed off-site enables them to grow their businesses without having to incur additional real estate related expenses.
  • Skip the Snacks: Amusement park food has high prices and often low nutritional benefits - skip the park food and opt for a picnic or off-site meal that will be a better value.
  • It's advisable to print at least one copy to store off-site, perhaps in a bank safe deposit box or at the home of a family member or friend who lives in a different city.
  • If you arrive at the park without a reservation and discover that no campsites are available, you will have to go off-site to make accommodation arrangements.