Sentence Examples

  • The alimentary canal is simple and a gizzard or oesophageal diverticula rarely developed.
  • In the latter a pallial siphon, a welldeveloped proboscis and an unpaired oesophageal gland are always present, in the former they are usually absent.
  • D, Oesophageal ganglion connected with the buccal.
  • On account of the shortness of the visceral loop and the proximity of the right visceral ganglion to the oesophageal nerve-ring, the nerve to the osphradium and olfactory ganglion is very long.
  • Oe, Gullet; op, optic nerve; sb, sub-oesophageal ganglion; mn, mx, mx', nerves to jaws; t, tentorium.

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