Sentence Examples

  • C. Oersted, of the action of the galvanic current on a magnet.
  • (After Oersted.) FIG.
  • C. Oersted 6 that a magnet placed near a wire carrying an electric current tended to set itself at right angles to the wire, a phenomenon which indicated that the current was surrounded by a magnetic field.
  • C. Oersted (1777-1851) had shown that a magnetic needle is deflected by an electric current, he attempted, in the laboratory of the Royal Institution in the presence of Humphry Davy, to convert that deflection into a continuous rotation, and also to obtain the reciprocal effect of a current rotating round a magnet.
  • C. Oersted (21st July 1820) were still in 1821 apprehended in a somewhat confused manner even by the foremost men of science.